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Building OWFS 2.9x on Cygwin

  • Required packages for compilation: gcc, automake, autoconf, make, patch, libtool, vim, ed, libusb-win32, libusb1.0, libusb1.0-devel, wget
  • To install the required Cygwin packages from command line, execute the following commands. Have wget installed before. If you get an error “md5sum: standard input: no properly formatted MD5 checksum lines found” when executing apt-cyg have a look at
chmod +x apt-cyg
mv apt-cyg /usr/local/bin/
apt-cyg install gcc-core automake autoconf make patch libtool vim ed libusb-win32 libusb1.0 libusb1.0-devel \
  procps dialog curl
  • Required packages for running iButton Manager: procps, dialog, libusb-win32, libusb1.0, curl
  • Download owfs from
    • Extract the source code
    • Compile owfs by issuing
autoreconf -if
./configure --disable-owtcl 
make install


Download libusb-win32-devel-filter and install it. Start the INF-Wizard program, choose the device (Vendor ID 0x04FA, Product ID 0x2490) and generate a corresponding INF file. Update the driver for the DS9490-USB-Adapter in Windows-Device-Manager and indicate the directory containing the generated INF-file. If necessary remove any previously installed Dallas driver

Afterwards testlibusb should report the USB-Adapter

$ testlibusb
  Dev #0: 0000 - 0000
  Dev #1: 04FA - 2490


Connect the OW-USB-Adapter and start owserver, owhttp. Then browse to http://localhost:3001/

/opt/owfs/bin/owserver.exe -u -p 3000
/opt/owfs/bin/owhttpd.exe -s 3000 -p 3001

#Read directory 
/opt/owfs/bin/owdir.exe -s 3000 /
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