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Setup One Wire projects on Rasperry Pi

These are some notes on how to setup various of my developments regarding OWFS on a Raspberry Pi.

Install required packages.

apt-get install fcgiwrap
apt-get install ferm lzma nullmailer vim unattended-upgrades #for convenience


  • Download phpliteadmin from
    • In phplieadmin's configuration file set $directory = '/var/lib/owst/'
  • Create sqlite3 database as well as log and lock file and set permissions
  • Insert into the databases' table switch the One-Write Switch you want to control
    • ow_type e.g. DS2413
    • ow_address e.g. 3A.B36249000000
    • ow_pio e.g. PIO.B

1w Monitoring

  • test with
  • run, you get an error that the rrd-file cannot be opened, but that's OK, check /srv/1wMonitoring/sensors.txt
  • execute libexec/ - run the output as a command
  • execute - no error this time
  • activate cron job
    */5 * * * *     root    2> /dev/null
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