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Building OWFS on Cygwin

  • For building OWFS 2.9x on Cygwin please see Building OWFS 2.9x on Cygwin
  • To install the required Cygwin packages for compiling OWFS and for running iButtonManger I use apt-cyg, a command line tool similar to apt-get used in Debian, Ubuntu. To use apt-cyg make sure you have wget installed and execute the following commands.
chmod +x apt-cyg
mv apt-cyg /usr/local/bin/
apt-cyg install gcc-core automake autoconf make patch libtool vim ed libusb1.0 libusb1.0-devel \
  procps dialog curl usbutils
./configure --disable-owtcl 
make install

USB-Driver (libusb1, owfs version 3.x)

See Chapter “Driver Installation”. I recommend to use Zadig to perform the driver installation. This is required in order for owserver to be able to connect to the USB device. It seems that the command lsusb shows the device also without the driver being installed.


Connect the OW-USB-Adapter and start owserver, owhttp. Then browse to http://localhost:3001/

/opt/owfs/bin/owserver.exe -u -p 3000
/opt/owfs/bin/owhttpd.exe -s 3000 -p 3001

#Read directory 
/opt/owfs/bin/owdir.exe -s 3000 /

On some installations I encountered the problem that owserver starts and then stop immediately without any error. It works perfectly fine though when you start it in foreground mode. Hence you can try the following workaround: let owserver run in foreground mode but start it as a background process using the shell's job control (by appending the ampersand character (“&”) to the end of the command).

/opt/owfs/bin/owserver.exe -u -p 3000 --foreground &
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